‍‍‍(88 pages) Initial enthusiasm turns to loneliness as wild nights revolve around a New York City newcomer.

Poem Book: one

(88 pages) A couple rekindles after a year of sep‍‍‍aration. Shortly thereafter, they struggle with falling in and out of love along the city's bumpy avenues.  

Poem Book: Two

(98 pages) A nation finds itself vulnerable and its people divided. Will the growing separation between social classes kill the American Dream?‍‍‍‍‍‍

Poem Book: Three

(300 pages) Book 4: Red Fox Runs is combined with Books 1-3 to create the Poetic Anthology. Poems explore themes of identity, failure and reinvention while living in New York City.

Poem Books: One - Four

The Wild Revolve:

Poems 2011-2013

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Poems 2011-2013

American Chess:

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Red Fox Runs:

Poems 2011-2016

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"Get ready to be moved." - JD. Morin

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